Huge Banquet for Montana Bowhunters Coming to Great Falls

The amount of impact on Montana when it comes to hunting is immeasurable in my mind.  Between gear, travel and time, the investment is huge for anyone.  And generally, when hunting is mentioned, we probably think of rifle season.

However, in Montana, there is another group of hunters that take the sport incredibly serious as well.  Bowhunters make up a large part of the population for hunting and for recreation purposes.  Those hunters and sportsmen will all be gathering soon in Great Falls, Montana.

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A Long Tradition with the Montana Bowhunters Association

Started in 1973, the Montana Bowhunters Association was established as a non-profit organization by and for Montana's bowhunters.  Their website states:

Its sole purpose remains the same today as it was then: To unite the state’s bowhunting sportsmen to work towards a common goal of preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting in Montana.

The MBA has several major goals that they promote including:

• Promoting ethical bowhunting through education
• Improving landowner – bowhunter relationships
• Providing a voice in management of Montana’s big game
• and an opportunity to assist in the preservation of wildlife habitat.

Annual Banquet Set for April in Great Falls, Montana

This year, the annual MBA banquet will take place April 5-7, 2024, in Great Falls at the Heritage Inn.  There are also special room rates for those interested by calling 406-761-1900 to reserve.

The event will feature guest speakers, with amazing beef and fish dinners being served.  Another special event of the banquet is personal trophies:

Bring your trophies, shed antlers and hunting/bragging snap shots to be displayed at the Convention! We all enjoy seeing them and hearing the stories.  Please have your name and any vital stats recorded with your trophy for everyone to enjoy.

If you are interested in signing up for the banquet or are interested in being a member of the Montana Bowhunters Association, click here.

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