Bottle Up A Unique Gift from Montana for Holiday Giving

Entering into the holiday season, how is your shopping going so far?  Are you finding all the things that will fit under the tree perfectly and bring the biggest smiles to your families faces?


Or are you struggling with just the perfect gift for that special person on said list?  Have you considered a Montana made product?

You Probably Haven't Considered This Considering Our Climate

The growing season in Montana is a pretty short one.  Doesn't matter what you are trying to make grow in the ground, it can be tough.  So, when you think about grapes, you probably aren't thinking the mountains of Montana.  But you should, because we have some amazing wineries around the state.


While making grape wine in Montana is a fairly new endeavor, there are several that dot the landscape in the state.

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Check Out Where You Can Find Your Vino in Montana

In Montana, according to the American Winery Guide, we have 10 such places to imbibe in local made wine.

  1. Rolling Hills Winery located in Culbertson
  2. Blodgett Canyon Cellars in Corvallis/Hamilton
  3. Glacier Sun Winery in Kalispell
  4. Mission Mountain Wineries in Dayton
  5. Trapper Peak Winery in Darby
  6. Yellowstone Cellars and Winery in Billings
  7. Hidden Legend Winery in Victor
  8. Flathead Lake Winery in Polson
  9. Ten Spoon Winery and Vineyard in Missoula
  10. Tongue River Winery and Vineyard in Miles City

Have you visited any of these wineries across the state?  What was your experience?  Hit us up in the comments of our social media, the appchat feature or email us here.

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