It's that time of the year again, folks!

The day when consumers put on their battle armor, sharpen their credit cards, and head to the front lines of retail warfare: Black Friday.

For some, it's the most wonderful time of the year; for others, it's the closest they'll ever come to experiencing a real-life version of "The Hunger Games."

Let's take a humorous journey through the wild world of Black Friday shopping.

The Preparation Phase Of Black Friday

Before you even think about going to a Black Friday sale, you need to strategize like a military general planning a top-secret mission.

You must decide which stores to hit, which deals to go for, and, most importantly, what time to start lining up.

Is midnight early enough, or should I camp out in the parking lot on Wednesday?

These are the questions that keep avid Black Friday shoppers awake at night.


What's worse than setting an alarm for 3 AM on a Friday?

Setting an alarm for 3 AM on a Friday when it's below freezing outside!

The early bird may get the worm, but the Black Friday shopper gets the best deals, so you better bundle up, grab your thermos of coffee and get ready to sprint through the store when those doors finally swing open.

Once inside, it's all about avoiding obstacles and executing tactical maneuvers.


Shoppers have been known to barrel-roll under closing security gates, cartwheel through the toy section, and perform intricate gymnastic routines over piles of discounted merchandise.

This Black Friday, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, just remember to stay safe, keep your sense of humor, and maybe bring some extra coffee to share with your fellow shoppers in the trenches of this annual retail battlefield.

Happy shopping, and may the discounts be ever in your favor!

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