Are These Really the Best French Fries in Montana?

I knew as soon as I saw the recent findings that this was simply wrong.  No way, no how did they have this right.  I have sampled more of these than I care to even think about, along with my arteries, to know that the best wasn't there.  In fact, you can't even get the best ones of these anymore.

Where are the best fries in Montana?  Am I really going to have to make this drive to figure it out?

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A Little Tongue in Cheek, Or Should That Be Spud in Cheek?

Ok, I am not saying that they don't have a great fry.  I am just saying I have never tried them, nor ever been told that if I wanted a French fry, Missoula would be the place to garner such a thing for the best one.  Apparently, I was mistaken.


Or at least I was according to the website and their latest offering of the best French fries in every state.

You Can't Get the Best Anymore, At Least For Me

In the rankings for Montana, one place rose above the rest, that being The Greek Pastry Shop located in Missoula.  According to the description:

Perfectly crispy and traditionally seasoned, the fries here are perfect as a side, or with fresh feta over the top for that extra cheesy and salty kick. No matter what else you order here, make sure you get a portion of the best fries in Big Sky Country.

I'm sure they are good.  But are they Darvin good?  What is Darvin good you ask?  Easy.  It's the fries that Darvin and his crew and the Lazy Doe in the Belt Mountains used to serve.  The best fries I have ever had, anywhere, bar none.  The simplest cut fry, skin on and just enough salt to make you want to grab another cold one from the bar to wash them down.  Plain they were excellent.  With gravy they were tremendously easy to down huge plates of.  I miss them.

So, where to get them now?  Do you have the best place in Great Falls for a plate of fries?  What about in other cities?  Where are the best fries in the state?  Let us know in the comments of the social media posts, with our appchat feature or you can email your answers to me here.

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