It is everywhere.  Just flat out being rude.  Unfortunately the ones who get treated the worst are the ones we should appreciate the most.  Our wait staff.  Stop it!  Go Home!  Shut the heck up!  And don't take your complaints to the internet.  Most of those online complaints are not even close to being true.  The damage one negative online comment can do to a small business could be paramount.

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In a world where the customer service industry is a land of multitasking wizards, it's high time we put a stop to the meanness and started treating bartenders, waitresses, and everyone that deals with the public,  like the superheroes they are. These fine folks juggle more plates than a circus performer and mix drinks with the precision of a chemist. So, why in the world are we being mean to them?

Canva Photo By: MCCAIG
Canva Photo By: MCCAIG

Newsflash, folks— the world would not be able to operate without service industry workers.  Think about it.  What would your world look like without service workers taking care of your needs.  I know your Mom isn't going to do it for the rest of your life.

It's time to quit the mean-spirited madness and start appreciating these unsung heroes of the service industry. Bartenders and waitresses aren't just slinging drinks and taking orders; they're crafting experiences and turning mundane moments into memorable ones. So, next time you're tempted to be a grump to the service industry warriors, take a chill pill and remember, they're the reason your night out doesn't turn into a Netflix binge with a microwave dinner. Be kind, tip well, and let the laughter and good vibes flow like a perfectly shaken martini. Cheers to the unsung heroes of the service industry!

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