Reaching 80 years is a significant milestone for anyone!

America's longest-running and most successful advertising campaign, Smokey Bear, will soon embody this milestone.

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Smokey on Airplane Cowling 1950 (USDA Forest Service image)

A Year of Celebration

The USDA Forest Service, in collaboration with the Ad Council and the National Association of State Foresters, has stewarded Smokey Bear's image since the 1940s.

A yearlong celebration will lead to Smokey's official birthday on August 9th, 2024, to honor his legacy.

Festivities Kick Off

Communities nationwide are gearing up for a variety of activities, including Smokey's participation in local events, a Facebook live stream from the California State Fair featuring Darley Newman of "Travels with Darley," and a social media campaign encouraging people to sing Happy Birthday to Smokey using the hashtag #SingForSmokey.

Joining the Celebration

On August 9, selected #SingForSmokey videos will be showcased across multiple social media platforms, inviting everyone to join the celebration.

The festivities continue throughout the year, culminating in Smokey Bear's appearance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the US Capitol Christmas Tree lighting.

An unknown group of musicians pose with a cutout of Smokey Bear in the 1950s. (USDA Forest Service image)

Staying Informed

To stay informed about national events honoring Smokey's 80th birthday, individuals can follow the Forest Service's social media channels and visit the Ad Council's Smokey Bear website and social media pages.

The Continuing Challenge

Despite the enduring success of Smokey Bear's campaign, wildfire prevention remains a pressing issue for our nation's forests and grasslands.

With over 80 percent of wildfires sparked by accidents or irresponsible behavior, Smokey's message remains as vital today as it did in 1944.

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