A New Road Map for the Future in Great Falls

Our little home on the somewhat prairie, somewhat mountainous front in central Montana is unique.  I know.  Everywhere says it.  It is probably true for many of them.  And it is true for Great Falls.  We are incredibly unique, just like everyone else.

The problem with that is we can't seem to figure out just what uniqueness we want to be known for.  Is it agriculture, art, technology or medical?  Recreational and retirement?  We really need to make up our minds.

Growth And How to Obtain and Sustain It in Great Falls

The City of Great Falls uses a Growth Policy Plan to formulate some of those ideas into a plan for our future.  The idea for the plan is to provide data and analysis and how the data and analysis pertain to the existing condition of the community.

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The last time that plan was updated was in 2013, using an internal staffing model.  For the future plan, the city will be using a consultant model instead.  You can read the full plan for 2013-2025 here.

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City of Great Falls Seeking Applicants for Steering Committee

The city is currently looking for applications to help with the new Growth Policy Plan.  The steering committee will be comprised of a diverse group of representatives from business, industry, agriculture, environment, development, public health/medical, higher education, and members of the community.

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To file an application with the City of Great Falls, you can click here.  Applications are being accepted until April 12th, 2024, at 5pm.  There will also be opportunities to participate in the coming months.

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Museums in Great Falls, Montana

Museums in Great Falls, Montana

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