A Montana Rancher Doesn't Work Harder Than This Big Guy.

Or do they?  Montana Ranchers are hard workers, there is np doubt about that.  But Santa Clause works pretty hard too.  Montana Ranchers work year round 24 hours a day, 7 says a week.  Santa Clause can do the impossible in 1 day-ish.  Montana Ranchers don't have an entire village of little elves that work all year long, probably do this for cookies and milk.  Montana Ranchers have to find good hard working men and women that are willing to work hard for their money.  Finding those people are darn near impossible these days.

Canva Photo By George Clerk
Canva Photo By George Clerk

Hands down, Montana Ranchers work harder that Santa Clause.  364 days a year.  Santa Clause can claim the harder working title for Dec 24 and Dec 25.  It's really not fair because there seems to be some kind of hidden Christmas magic that Santa uses, and keeps us guessing.

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The Center for Economics and Business Research have put together Santa Stats.  These stats can only be accomplished by Santa Clause, hence the Christmas Magic claim.  Offer me some Christmas Magic and move out of the way.  I bet I would give Santa Clause a run for his money.

Canva Photo By Baks
Canva Photo By Baks

Santa Stats

  • Every second Santa will visit 5,556 houses on Christmas Eve
  • 1.6 Billion kids will receive a gift from Santa
  • 1.5 billion miles of wrapping paper is used by Santa every year
  • Santa's delivered gifts will cost more than $459 billion dollars
  • Santa will consume 150 billion calories on Christmas Eve
  • Santa will make 640 million stops on Christmas Eve
  • Santa will work for 32 hours straight

You got to give it up for the big guy.  At least for those 32 hours.

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