Montana is Land of the Big Sky.  It only takes a quick trip to any high point near you and looking around you see every single bit of it.  It's magnificent to take in, not really being able to fathom just exactly how far you can see at some times.  But sometimes, it isn't about how far you see land masses across the area, it's the cover of night that brings out the true meaning of "big sky" in our state.

We are fortunate in Montana that while directly in the city we have light pollution, but a quick drive a mile out of town in any direction will immediately fix that.  The wonders that abound truly amaze in our night sky.  From the Milky Way, Northern Lights, stars, planets, constellations and aliens.  Yes, apparently, Montana is inundated with aliens.

According to a recent study by, Montana overall isn't that high compared to other states for the calendar year of 2022 when it comes to reports.  We actually rank quite low in that category.  It's when the analytical data is applied over a 5 year period that we rocket up the ladder.  Enough so that we hit #3 on that list with 223 reports per 100,000 residents.  That even includes the latest sighting in September in Billings, MT according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

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Is it a bird, is it a plane?  Or is it something else?  What have you seen in the Big Sky Country that has made you do a double take at the sky and wonder if you could make a guest appearance on Ancient Aliens?  Check out the gallery below for a full ranking across the country and where Montana lands on the list.

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Stacker compiled a ranking of the states with the most reported UFO sightings Using data from NUFORC's 24/7 hotline.

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