A 30-Year-Old Colorful Fashion Trend Could Influence Montana Football

Apparently, what comes around, will in fact go around once again.

This weekend, a new type of style will be on display between the Oregon and Colorado football teams.  But this isn't a new style at all, even though it is being lauded as such.

If you grew up in the late 80's to early 90's, you will most likely remember this flash in the pan trend that was a must have for any high school student, or anyone wanting to make an impression while out with friends.

As Quickly as It Came to Stores, It Was Back Out the Door

When Hyper Color clothing was introduced in 1991, it took the fashion industry by storm, selling almost $50 million dollars in clothing in just a short year.  However, the fad quickly lost luster once it was realized that the clothing was only good for a few washings, then the color reaction wouldn't work anymore.

Shadow Shifter Store/Amazon.com
Shadow Shifter Store/Amazon.com

According to an article by the Smithsonian Magazine, hyper color clothing tried to make a comeback in the 2000's, but brands like Puma and American Apparel both tried.  However, it was quickly realized that the fad had passed, and people just weren't interested.

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Another Attempt Is Coming to a Gridiron Near You Soon

This weekend as the Buffalo of Colorado takes on the Ducks of Oregon, keep an eye out for a new style of shoe from Nike on the field.  Designated the Vapor Edge KF Dunks, these shoes will harken back to the 90's fad of color changing once they heat up in the sun.  The cleats will be a normal black at kickoff, but as temps rise and players body temps rise, the shoes will turn to a watercolor effect of blue, green, yellow and red.

Pretty cool, especially if you had one of these back in the day.  I now want them for my own, but also for our own college teams.  What about you?  Ready to bring back the 90's with this fashion trend?

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