Personally, I think Great Falls is a pretty awesome place to call home.

Simply put, if I didn't feel that way, I would most certainly move.

But staying on the topic of living in Great Falls, I stumbled across an article the other day Titled, 8 Reasons to Move To Great Fall.

Livability Magazine wrote the article, which can be found here

Here are their eight reasons, along with my thoughts.

Discover Year-Round Adventure

As long as you get off your butt, Great Falls has plenty of great adventures. There are many trails, river activities, Skiing, sightseeing sights, and more. 

Great Falls Invests In Its People

I'm about 50/50 on this one. I understand that several small businesses can't afford to pay folks a ton of money, but overall, many of the offered wages are rather low, even for Great Falls. 

Here's what they had to say.

Staying active in Great Falls can also look totally different, especially if your interest is in public service. The city is home to a robust network of nonprofits, and giving back is one of the ways residents get (and stay) involved in the community.

You Can Afford to Live in Great Falls

For the most part, this is spot on. Yes, everything is going up; however, Great Falls is relatively reasonable relative to the rest of the state. 

Find Fabulous Fun Year-Round

They already said this; I'm not sure why they are bringing it up again. 

Locate Your Perfect Home Here

This seems somewhat similar to affordable living, haha.

Take Your Pick of Shopping Options

Hard no, I love our local shops, but outside of Scheels and North 40, we're lacking in big box stores that carry a variety of items. 

Businesses Want to Relocate to Great Falls

In the big scheme of things, Great Falls is untapped. I could see businesses having a desire to open here. 

A Great Place to Make an Impact

Accurate. If you desire to get involved, Great Falls has the opportunities. 

Here's the deal: a town is what you make of it. With that said, some places aren't everyone's cup of tea. If Great Falls isn't your thing, no worries.

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