2 of North America's Largest Reptiles Live in Montana

As temperatures climb across Big Sky Country, often we hear about animals coming out of hibernation and moving around again.  Mostly that report entails the burly grizzly or brown and black bears that call Montana home.


But there is another group from the animal kingdom that is slowly but surely making their way out of the den and starting to inhabit our trails, roadways, even some of them making it to your yard.  It's almost snake season in Montana.

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Montana Is Home to Several Different Species of the Fanged Variety

In Montana, there are several different species of snakes to be found, both venomous and non-venomous.  Common snake sightings involve the garter snake, the eastern racer and even the milk snake.


However, there are two specific species that call our state home that are of the largest in the United States.  These snakes can each grow to between seven and eight feet in length.

One Good, One Bad; Both Do Good Things in Montana

For native species of snakes in the United States, 2 of the top lengths found are from the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and the Gopher Snake, or more often referred to as the bull snake.  Both of these are able to grow to near 8ft. long.


While the rattlesnake carries venom and should be avoided, the bull snake isn't venomous, both actually are quite helpful.  Both species help keep mice and other rodents in check.  Bull snakes have even been known to help deter rattlesnakes in certain areas.

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As with all wild animals, you should keep your distance, and be aware of your surroundings.  Make sure your pets are vaccinated against snake bite and be prepared with a first aid kit should you yourself become bitten.

Snakes Of Montana

Snakes Of Montana

Gallery Credit: Jason Laird,

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