Starting a new regime for any type of activity can be a real pain.  Whether that be a job, maybe a new roommate, perhaps a marriage.  It can be difficult to find a groove, especially if there are outside influences that are tugging and pulling you in different directions.  It is especially true for how we eat.  Healthy is eating is a difficult endeavor with so many variables in food allergies, fad diets, or even advertising that is directed towards a "healthy living lifestyle".

Are All These Self-Help Things Really That Much Help to Us?

Probably not.  There may be a golden nugget in there at some point, but overall, many are simply fads or, worse, just a way for the creator to make money.  They could simply be endorsing the product, not even using it.  Buzz words fly across the screen, seemingly able to solve all our problems just by using this amazing product.  Be careful!  Those deals that seem to be too good to be true, may be just that.

Common Everyday Items in Our Diet That Might Not Be the Best for Us

In a new report by Max My Money, 10 items were highlighted that might seem like they are the best for you but may actually be holding you back from achieving goals for your health and eating or drinking habits.  I have to admit, I am a user of some of these products, what about you?  Is there one item on the list that you find yourself not able to live without?  Do you believe that it works for you?  Reply to our email here for your answers.

  1. Vitamin Water
  2. Vegetable Tempura
  3. Nutella
  4. Turkey
  5. Jamba Juice
  6. Yogurt4
  7. Salads with dressing
  8. Gatorade
  9. Muffins
  10. Margarine
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