We have all played with a set of these at some point in our lives.  You may still play with them as an adult.  The world of Lego has expanded incredibly over the years, with sets that encompass everything from movies, music, iconic settings around the world and even famous figures from history.  Did you know that you can design and submit your own creation to Lego for consideration?  What would you create?

 Your Mind Will Be the Only Thing to Limit What You Can Create

The creative minds at Lego realize that everyone's tastes can vary.  They've created a way for you to submit your own creations to them, via the website Lego Ideas.  Creators can upload photos of their creations for everyone to check out.  But the other amazing part of this is that with enough votes, that idea can become a reality in the market.  Your very own display of Legos could be seen on a local store shelf.

Incredible Creations Abound from Like Minds Across the World

Lego continues to outdo themselves with their latest creation, a part of many children's youth while stuck in front of a television.  The Mr. Rogers Neighborhood set now has enough votes to be sent to the next level of voting.  But it isn't the only unique set.  People have submitted creations based on the Sanderson Sisters Cottage in the Hocus Pocus movie, recreations of Wild West Blacksmith Shops and many more.

Think you have what it takes to get noticed and have your Lego design featured?  Check out the Lego Ideas website or submit your design here.

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