In Big Sky Country, we have many riches to be thankful for.  An abundance of forests and mountains to get away to.  Amazing rivers, streams and creeks to cool off in, play in or forage for food from.  Incredible animals to view, admire and even fill our stomachs with.  Beautiful skies, landscapes and rich adventure surround us everywhere, simply waiting for us to turn the corner, park and get out and enjoy.

I consider myself rich in probably much more of a different way than what it shows in my bank account.  But bank accounts seem to matter when it comes to this list, so as we set up to get to our list, where do you think the richest city is in the state of Montana.  It really seems to have shifted across the years, going all the way back to the territorial days of the state.  Moving from the mining areas of Bannack and Virginia City to Butte, even invading Glacier Park and the Kalispell areas for a time.  Missoula has ranked near the top in certain years, including the Swan Valley area.  Billings continues to grow outwards in population and infrastructure.  But where is the real money at in Montana?

I have to admit, this city never even crossed my mind when it comes to where I think the money may be in Montana.  My thoughts automatically went to where it seems the celebrities are hanging out.  That of course would be Bozeman.  With the Yellowstone Club, new ski areas, plenty of celebrities, I thought for sure I had it right!  So where is it?  Check out our gallery below of the richest city in the state, plus all of America!

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