What Are the Side Effects of New Covid Shot in Montana?

For me, it seemed like there was this really big lull in the reporting of Covid cases in the last few months.  Not only in the world or in the US, but right here in Montana, even in Great Falls. However, it seems that the new variation of the virus is making a comeback, and just by looking at my socials feed, it seems to be affecting a lot of people in our city.

But while it may be rearing its ugly head, there is a new updated version of the vaccine, which hopefully will help curb the spread during the upcoming holiday season.

It's Not Just the Holidays That We Have to Be Worried About

Sure, the holidays bring us together in larger groups.  But with winter about to set in, we will also be spending more time couped up in our homes or offices with other people.  It's going to spread again.  Getting the shot can help, but there are reports that the side effects that we saw with the previous versions are back.  Bummer.

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Have You Noticed Any Ill Side Effects from Your Shot?

Now that more people are venturing to their doctor or pharmacy to receive the updated vaccine, reports are coming in about the side effects that may occur.

Those include, but aren't limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain

So, basically, how I feel every morning after playing a round of 18 at the course the day before.

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