It's true. We all can warm up those cold winter nights with Jason Momoa.  Can you say his name without it putting a smile on your face?

Despite being one of Hollwood's biggest hunks, Jason Momoa has created a new sustainable vodka with longtime friend from Montana, Blane Halvorson. Meili Vodka (pronounced May-Lee) is produced right here in Montana.

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What is the difference between vodka by Jason and vodka from anywhere else? The aqua of course. Meili Vodka is distilled using water sourced from a 300-million-year-old Montana aquifer that feeds into natural springs. Nothing but the best source of water from Aquaman. The grains are sourced from local farms in the Gallatin Valley. The final step and one of the most important steps to achieve the vodka's flavor, is allowing the vodka to "rest and breath" in the fresh Montana mountain air.

Their bottles are 100% recycled material from discarded glass, and no two bottles will be exactly alike. Tasting Notes have yet to be released but the vodka is meant to be sipped. I think Khal Drogo would fill a shaker with ice & Meili Vodka, shake it up, strain it, and then shoot it. Maybe that is just a Montana thing. Maybe that is a me thing.  Either way get ready for Meili Vodka this April.  Pre orders are available online.

So that warm & fuzzy feeling you get from Jason Momoa now comes in a bottle.  At $25 a pop, I'll take 2 please.

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