Forgetfulness happens.  Doesn't matter your age.  It is going to happen.  Where you left the remote for the TV or car keys, that tool you just hand in your hand as you are underneath a vehicle changing the oil.  Yes, it's going to happen.  At least they happen at home where you have a higher-than-average chance of finding those items.  You could even blame it on a pet or your significant other.  What about losing items when you are on vacation or maybe just a quick ride across Great Falls.

What We Leave Behind When Taking a Ride to Our Destination

A recent post from the website at Blacked Out 406 caught my attention as I was going down a rabbit hole.  I was amazed at the types of items that one would leave behind after getting a ride home on a national level, but disappointed in what Great Falls has done.  We've left pretty generic items according to the post on Facebook from BO406.  Keys, cell phones, sunglasses, even prescription sunglasses and glasses were left behind.

Blacked Out 406 Facebook Page
Blacked Out 406 Facebook Page

Leaving Things Behind on A National Level When Vacationing Abroad

The driver service company Uber recently released a survey from their Lost & Found Index division.  What did they find that people are leaving behind most?

We've put together the top 10 from their list for your enjoyment.  What should also be included on it?  Have an idea?  Hit us up with our appchat on the downloadable app, use our social media or email us here.

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