This Fence Sign Leads to Criminals Targeting You in Great Falls

Everyone likes their stuff.  Doesn't matter if it is high dollar stuff, or just personal stuff.  We like our stuff, and we want it to stay our stuff for as long as possible.  Without someone thinking it would look better in their garage or house.

What sort of deterrents do you have around your home to let criminals know that they should probably move on and not mess with your abode?  Perhaps you have a furbaby that takes on that responsibility?

Do You Have This Sign on Your Fence or Window of Your Home?

If you do own a dog, you may have thought that having a "beware of dog" sign might be of some assistance in keeping criminals at bay.  I certainly believe if they see that sign, then hear the bark of a large pet, it most certainly is a help.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

However, that may not be the case according to a new study that is out.  Could it be leading to you being more of a target than someone that doesn't have that sign?

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Does A Beware of Dog Sign Encourage Criminals Instead?

In the data, some insurance companies are implying that if you do have this particular sign prominently shown, it could be attracting those nefarious type of characters.  It could mean to them that there are perhaps more valuable items that are trying to be protected.


The warning also implies that if that sign is present, the dog(s) are the primary security measure in the home, thus making it easier for the intruder to bypass security systems.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

I'm still going with my gut feeling on this one.  A dog helps.  The sign?  Well, mine is more for people that may visit to be forewarned they could be walking into the yard of two 90# dogs.  If that isn't deterrent enough for someone who wants to try and test the waters of my security system, just a little reminder for them.  I grew up pretty backwoods country and know a lot of backroads.  And I own a shovel.

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