Barndominiums.  As soon as I saw the word, the 4th grade humor in me popped right out.  My immediate thought was, "Hey, this gives a whole new meaning to you left your barn door open!"  Once my giggles subsided, they were replaced with utter awe as I started digging in to just what exactly a "barndominium" really is.

What And Where Are They?

Basically, when you combine the barn aspects with home aspects, you come up with one of the new ideas in construction across the country.  With an easy google, I was able to find them mostly in the central,mid to upper midwest and west, but spread across most of the states were some sort of combination of both, albeit with perhaps a slight different name.  Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana had several listings across various real estate companies.  You can check out some jaw dropping ones here and here.

However, once you see the price tag of some of these new style homes, the aspect of barn kind of goes out the door.  Unless you are referring to the hayloft of money you will need to afford some of these!  There is no way I am letting a horse, cow, calf or goat get near some of the incredible amenities in these homes.

I'm Still Confused, Show Me The Pictures!

So, what do they look like?  I checked in at the H&H Custom Buildings website located in Helena, Montana, who offer a few different ideas that go with your barndominium.  Even custom floor plans to fit whatever type of style you like.  Check out the gallery below of just one of these custom homes from them.  This definitely isn't that old barn on the side of the road fixer upper type!

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Check The Inside Of A Custom Barndominium In Montana - 10 Amazing Photos!

Barndominiums combine the look of a barn or garage with that of a house to give you what some are saying is the best of both worlds.

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