Dear Local Insurance Agent,

While driving on 9th Street from 10th Ave So to 8th Ave North today, I found myself trailing behind you.  You were either driving under the speed limit, or not driving at all.  Every red light we were at (4 of them), you managed not to notice when the light turned green, until several cars coming up 9th passed by you. Then you would hit the gas, trying to make up for lost time.  Only to hit the next red light, and do it again.  While swerving in-between.

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You were not paying attention, I knew this, even before I saw what it was that you were actually doing.

Canva Photo By: Jay Yuno
Canva Photo By: Jay Yuno

Once 9th Street turned into 4 lanes, I passed you on the right.  Nobody wants to drive behind a distracted driver.  While passing you, I noticed your company name, number and logo clearly marked on your window.  A local Insurance Agency.  What I saw next shocked me.  You were steering with both your elbows, while holding your phone in front of your face and texting!  All the way down 9th!

This is where we had a moment.  A silent moment.  I could have let you know exactly what I was thinking verbally or with hand signals.  But I didn't.  My facial expression must have said it all.

You are far from being a teenager or young adult, an age group you might expect to see something like this.  You are old enough to know better.  But most importantly, you are an Insurance Agent!

Practice what you preach!

Your insurance agency probably offers incentives or discounts to policyholders who demonstrate safe driving habits. You have most likely encouraged the use of hands-free communication tools, such as Bluetooth or voice commands, to help reduce the temptation of using a cell while driving.

Again, practice what you preach!

Canva Photo By: Fat Camera
Canva Photo By: Fat Camera

I urge you to take a proactive stance in promoting road safety.  Not because this is something everyone should be doing but because it is something you should be doing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. I hope next time, you think twice before using your cell phone while driving.



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