I've seen Naked and Afraid. I know I do not have the knowledge to survive any amount of time in the artic, desert, mountains, or the jungle. So, the recent news on 4 siblings surviving 40 days in the jungle, just goes to show that there are truly brave people in this world. Even more amazing knowing that the oldest of the siblings is only 13 years old.

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The four children were the only survivors when their small plane went down. Thier Mother was one of the passengers that died in the crash. The 13 year old had played video games with her 9 year old sister on "setting up camps" and used the some of those skills to survive with the other 2 siblings ages 4 and 1. The Amazon jungle is home to jaguars, pumas, and venomous snakes. Read more about this survival story here.

Would you be able to survive a situation like this? I know these young kids were a bit familiar with the Amazon Jungle, but would you be able to survive in a similar situation in your neck of the woods?

Odds are that a situation like this will never happen to you, but we know situations like this, happens to somebody.  The more you know, the better odds you have of surviving.

I have gathered a few of the most important survival tips that could maybe save your life, or save your child's life, if something were to happen to you.

5 Basic Survival Skills
  • Basic Survival Skill 1: Fire. Fire is the king of survival techniques!
  • Basic Survival Skill 2: Shelter
  • Basic Survival Skill 3: Signaling
  • Basic Survival Skill 4: Food & Water
  • Basic Survival Skill 5: First Aid

The Wilderness Awareness School teaches you how to achieve these skills here.

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