Should Montana Truckers Be Worried About Cargo Thieves?

The job of an over the road trucker can seem sort of idyllic.  Travelling the highways of our country, seeing each little bit as the telephone poles and road markers glide by out the windows.


That dream for some has some harsh realities to it though.  Stopping for rest during the route can lead to serious consequences.  Theft rings are targeting truckers with reckless abound in very public places.

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Huge Spikes For 2023 Show Increased Numbers For 2024

In reports from, incidents involving freight being stolen from OTR drivers rose nearly 59% in the third quarter of 2023.  For 2024, those numbers continue to climb to record rates.

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Most of those thefts occur near ports of entry in the United States, mainly in areas such as Texas, California and Washington.  But with Montana a border state to Canada, criminals aren't forgetting we are here.

Trending Freight Main Target for Thieves Targeting Drivers on Montana Roadways

Analysts suggest that better labeling of product could help deter those criminals.  Carriers should be more aware of the cargo they have and take steps to ensure that it isn't something that may be targeted.

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If they are carrying a more valuable product, the chance for theft or endangerment to the driver is likely.  Especially as thieves become more brazen in their attempts to steal even larger portions of a truckers cargo.

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