Popular Vehicle Maker Issues Recall for These in Montana

Any recall is a bad recall.  But it seems when there is one, it always is a big one.  Like life-threatening types of recalls.  Food items with contamination, eye drops causing blindness.  The list seems never-ending.  Guess we may as well throw some more logs on the fire with another recall before the end of the year.

This time it involves our vehicles, and by a major manufacturer that we don't hear from that often on the recall front.  They are better known for longevity and being hassle-free.

Not Just About Safety, This Could Cost You a Ticket from the Police

In a new announcement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda has issued a recall on some of the most popular models in their fleet.  Those models include the 2023 and 2024 Accord sedans and HR-V Crossover SUV's.

The recall is due to front seatbelt pretensioners that are missing an important rivet that secures the wire plate and quick connector.  If you were not to wear it because of this, you could be facing a no-seatbelt law infraction with local law enforcement.

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How To Get Your Vehicle Serviced If You Are Worried About the Recall

According to Honda, only about 1% of the over 300,000 vehicles recalled will have this problem.  Owners of the vehicles should start to receive letters in early January instructing them to have their vehicle inspected.

If you suspect that your vehicle is part of the affected lot, Honda states:

affected owners can take their cars to their local Honda dealership, who will inspect the seat belt pretensioner assemblies, and replace if necessary - free of charge.

Better safe than sorry everyone, take your vehicle in to be checked soon!

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