During the early days of Montana, and before cars were able to cross the state, many travelers would arrive and make their way via the railroad.  Naturally, those trains had stops across the wide-open areas.  One of those stops involved a sanitarium, hot springs and gold.  For many, this isolated area offered respite from the troubles of the world and feel refreshed from the mineral waters.  Those same waters would even be bottled and shipped to customers across the world up until a fire in 1959.  But don't worry, you can still take in the beauty of this location.

Just 2 Hours from Great Falls, You Only Need to Travel the Interstate

Heading just 10 miles past Helena from Great Falls on Interstate 15, you will find the quaint town of Clancy, Montana.  Nestled directly next to the Prickly Pear Stream, the Alhambra RV Park offers an excellent way to revisit the past, unwind and enjoy a weekend getaway with just yourself or the entire family.  As with any RV park, you'll find all the normal amenities that you would.  Showers, a small general store, wifi and plenty of outdoor activities to entertain.

Didn't You Say Something About Panning for Gold Here, Can I?

Well, yes, you can actually pan for gold.  However, there are a few rules when it comes to finding your fortune.  While you may spot that adrenaline rush of a little glint of flake, the owners of the property do have some restrictions concerning panning for gold.  The Alhambra RV Park requests that you ask for permission before diving into the creek:

  • Permission will be granted to those that convince us of their intent to preserve the stream bed, replace any rocks, and in general not make a mess.  You will be allowed to keep any flakes you are able to find.
  • Please do not start mining the area without explicit permission from management.  Anyone found doing so will be asked to leave without a refund immediately.
  • Nuggets or anything more substantial; well, we'll talk.  Please be aware the theft of placer gold is a federal crime.

Ready to find out more?  Check out the Alhambra RV Park website, or you can book directly via this link.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix
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