Open Casting Happening Now For Montana Spring Filming.

Do you dream about being on the big screen?  Are you the next big thing?  Well, you will never know, if you don't try.  Right?  There are open casting calls going on right now.

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Get our free mobile app is actually more like a filming hub for Montana.  Not only will you find open casting call opportunities, you will find everything needed for filming in Montana.  There is information on Media Tax Credit, Big Sky Film Grant, Permits, and so much more.

Location, Location, Location

Canva Photo By Sakulich From Pixabay
Canva Photo By Sakulich From Pixabay

Do you have property that could be the perfect location for filming?  You can submit your property as an available location for filming.  There is no cost to submit your property.  Property submission details can be found here.

Is Your Life A Reality Show?

Is your family life made for TV?  Producers are looking for unique families to be filmed for an upcoming TV Docu Series.  I know we have some pretty interesting family dynamics here in Montana, and there are some interesting family traditions that would be a perfect fit.  Enter or learn more about Casting For Unique Families here.

Career Resources

There is also a bunch of information for anyone wanting to work in the filming or production movie fields.  There are upcoming conferences, summits, film festivals, and more.

This could be your big break.  That one shot.  Your opportunity to shine.  You never know, you could be the one they have been searching for.  Now, go break a leg!

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