Travelling across Big Sky Country you can encounter all types of terrain, all types of wildlife, all types of scenery.  Whether that be taking the loop through Yellowstone or Glacier parks, taking in local attractions like the First Peoples Buffalo Jump or even just hanging at the fish hatchery at Giant Springs Park.  However, for some of these experiences, it can be difficult to navigate if you are disabled or handicap.

One Montana State Park is making a difference for those that want to get out but have difficulty doing so.

Bringing The Outdoors Closer to Those That Can't Quite Reach It

This week it was announced that the Lone Pine State Park would be able to offer an new and unique way for disabled and handicap people to get out and enjoy the offerings of nature.  It comes in the form of an all-new chair that is making the outdoors more accessible.  Called the Action TrackChair, this amazing piece of equipment should be at all our parks.

What Is the Action TrackChair and How Do You Use It at This Park?

The Action TrackChair is an all-terrain wheelchair designed to empower individuals of all abilities to explore the park and is available free of charge for the public to use.  For reservations, all the Lone Pine State Park Visitor Center at (406) 755-2706 and talk to Julia (ext. 2) or Brian (ext. 3).

Anyone with a disability that limits them from using the Lone Pine trail system can reserve and use the chair.  Proof of disability documentation is required, and users need to be accompanied by a non-disabled person when using the chair.  Currently, the Action Trackchair can only be used on the primary Lone Pine trail system and the ADA accessible overlook. Maps are available for ease of getting around the park.
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