No Wiping?  Try That in A Montana Hunting Camp

A little nip in the air, amazing colors from foliage everywhere you look.  Yep, it's fall time in Montana, and that also means hunting season.  With some seasons open already, you or friends are planning that big getaway to the mountains to find that Boone & Crockett record probably.  Have everything packed up and ready to go?

Did you remember to bring along the bidet?  You don't want to be caught without it in the wilderness, right?

Using Toilet Paper Is Apparently a Nasty Thing Now?

In a new announcement via the Washington Post, Trisha Pasricha, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, states that yes, in fact, using toilet paper is not as sanitary as using a bidet.

There was even a study done in Japan with people using toilet paper, bidets and keeping hands covered with medical gloves.  The results showed that using toilet paper will:

People who wiped with toilet paper had an average of nearly 40,000 different viable bacteria attached to their gloves afterward.

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Want To Get in on This New Trend Across the States?

So, should you make the change to a bidet and ditch the double ply?  While studies have shown that using a bidet can save you money, the total amount of savings is yet to be determined.

There are a few considerations that you should know though:

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to adjusting the water pressure and getting into all the nooks and crannies. And unless you've got a fancy bidet with a dryer, you'll need to dab the area dry with a sheet of toilet paper or a clean towel.

So now you need an extra towel, (eww) to wipe dry, or still buy toilet paper?  Not happening in my household.  Or in my hunting camp for that matter.

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