Rent and the cost of living is no joke around Gallatin County. Prices are sky high, and resentment is rising. Don't ask a stupid question online if you're not prepared to get verbally destroyed.

Ah, Secret I love you. When I need good tidbits of information, or a bunch of snarky responses to a very stupid question, you never cease to help. Secret Bozeman is a local Facebook group that can get shady as hell. And I love it.

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Here's the question that was posted recently that prompted IMMEDIATE and strongly-worded responses from locals: "After buying a primary residence that also has a rental apartment on the property; if the current tenants stay, can you immediately raise rent or do you have to give them a notice?"

Oh no you didn't. Really? Around here? At a time like this? Talk about not being able to read a room. Even if it WAS permitted in this instance to immediately raise someone's rent, why on earth would you post that on a Facebook group? Idiot.

Here is a selection of my favorite responses to the above posted question:

  • "I will think of this every time I see a local business closed because of the “staffing crisis”
  • "Everything about this post sucks. The wording. The sentiment. The goal. Gross"
  • "Lmao you're what's wrong with the housing market. Ew."
  • "Just because one CAN do something, doesn’t mean one should. When in doubt, follow the golden rule."
  • "In case you're wondering, everyone in Bozeman hates you."
  • "If the OP is the owner of this rental & is asking this question, I sincerely hope you get the karma you deserve."
  • "Wouldn't you want notice on something like that?"
  • "You can't just kick someone out to use it as a vacation rental or to raise rent to pay your mortgage. Just be a decent person and treat the renters how you would want to be treated."
  • "Maybe you could do the decent thing and just leave it the same, it's likely already higher than it should be."

Of course we don't know all the details of the situation and it's POSSIBLE that things aren't so black and white. However, we all know how tenuous the rental market is around here and you're guaranteed to get some heated responses to a question like that.

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