Did Montana Join the Lawsuit to Sue Facebook and Instagram?

Earlier this year, the State of Montana decided to take on Tik Tok, with some claims of spying by China being the leading cause of the reason.  While we await to see the results of those decisions, there is an all-new lawsuit against another social media platform.

Is Montana jumping back into the foray of taking on major corporations?

Which Way Did Montana Go in Regard to Meta?

In a surprising move, our state in not part of the over 40 that are taking part and listed in a lawsuit against Meta Platforms Inc.  You know, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, along with a bunch of other novelty online media companies.

The reasons behind this lawsuit are what has me confused on why we haven't listed our names among the other states, which again is surprising.

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Facebook and Instagram Being Sued Because of This Reason

In the lawsuit, which you can read in its entirety here, states are making some rather large claims against Meta.  They are accusing them of intentionally trying to make kids addicted to their platforms.  The lawsuit also alleges that Facebook collects data on children under the age of 13, without parental consent.  There is also wording indicating that:

Facebook algorithms are designed to hook children with features like the "infinite scroll"

Which doesn't make sense to me as to why our state wouldn't be a part of this lawsuit?  What do you think?  Should we have joined in on this, or wait in the shadows to see how it all plays out?  Let us know in our social media comments, with the app chat feature or you can email me here.

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