We have all been there.  Sometimes it is hard to make ends meet.  There are resources in place for when this happens.  Asking for help can be overwhelming.  Sometimes you spend way too much time on hold to find out that you have reached out to the wrong State office and need to call a completely different State agency and hope the new number is even the right department you need.  Then come to find out there is a service that can help you out with exactly what you needed...last year.

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Did you know that there are 7 different programs/agencies that can help with childcare in Great Falls?  Did you know that you can get information on all of them at one coinvent location online?  It's true.  Montana211.org.

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Did you know that there are services out there to help you out legally if you were facing eviction?  It's true.  It's the Montana eviction intervention program.  These guys are here to help you avoid eviction and will even negotiate with landlords and help navigate the justice system.  Montana211.org.

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Did you know that Opportunities Inc can help out with repairing your furnace and even help with replacing a furnace?  It's true.  They also help with insulation installation, glass replacement, storm windows, weather stripping, and more to help keep heating costs down.

Maybe you need someone to talk to.  Someone who will listen and just be there for you right when you need it. There are hundreds of available services to choose from in every city across Montana.  Montana211.org.

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Trying to find all these resources is definitely overwhelming, but the good news is Montana211.org.  It's all in one place.  Yes....in one place.

People Helping People
People Helping People

Montana211.org is a single point access center to Montana services.  Not just Great Falls but the services across the state.  This is actually a national program broke down by state.

Montana211.org is valuable resource for all Montanans.  Spread the word!


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