Montana.  A breath of fresh air.  Wide open spaces.  Less population.  Less pollution.  Or so we think.  Montana might not be a place you consider pollution free anymore.  The EPA!  The Environmental Protection Agency released yesterday that this Montana City has the poorest air quality in the ENTIRE Nation.  The entire Nation!  Not just Montana, but the entire Nation.  And to pour salt on the wound, this Montana city that has the worst air quality in the Nation is the only city Nationwide to receive this designation.

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So, how do they measure poor air quality?

  • The EPA measures levels of pollutants in the air daily.
  • These levels are given a number value.
  • The higher the number, the poorer the air quality.

And it's Billings, Montana the was listed as having the worst air quality in the Nation. Yesterday's air quality value in Billings had a value of 210.

Yesterday the air quality in Billings was listed as very unhealthy. Mostly because of the wildfires from Canada.  Meaning, it will change.  It will change daily.

People who have heart and lung problems, senior citizens, and children and teens should avoid any strenuous outdoor activities.  The safest thing that you could do would be to reschedule any outdoor events you have planned.  Know your limits, and know when to stay indoors.  The air quality will get better, in fact the air quality has already started to improve in Billings.

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