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The Cascade County Sheriff's Office isn't messing around! 


A Quick Review

In accordance with the Montana Code Annotated, it is mandatory for all individuals to acknowledge and act upon notifications from the Clerk of Courts.

Failure to respond to such notices prompts the clerk to report the non-compliance to the Sheriff, who will subsequently take steps to personally serve the notice and make reasonable attempts to ensure a response.

Those who have not yet responded will receive notifications via telephone, their names will be publicly disclosed, and a deputy will be dispatched to deliver the notice.

Below, you will find a list of individuals residing in Cascade County who have not yet responded to the Clerk of District Court Jury Selection Questionnaire.

For those interested in obtaining a questionnaire, there are several convenient methods available:

  1. In-Person Pickup:
    • Visit the Cascade Clerk of District Court office at 415 2nd Ave N, Suite 200A.
    • Alternatively, you can obtain a questionnaire at the Cascade County Sheriff's Office at 3800 Ulm North Frontage Rd.
  2. Online Download:
    • Access the questionnaire online at https://www.cascadecountymt.gov/456/Jury.
    • Once on the Jury page, locate and click on 'Juror Questionnaire' in the initial section labeled 'District Court Jury Information Questionnaire.'

It is essential to emphasize that all completed questionnaires must be submitted to the court clerk no later than October 12, 2023.

Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in individuals being held in contempt of court, which carries legal consequences.

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Cascade County Sheriffs Incident Command Vehicle

Cascade County Sheriffs Incident Command Vehicle

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