Camping, Hiking, floating, boating, barbecuing, whatever you are up to this summer. Hopefully your having lots of fun doing all that stuff.

Drinking and doing fun stuff goes hand in hand while enjoying a Montana summer.

All of that can add up to complications if one parties too hard.

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Heat Exhaustion, injury, illness and worse things can happen if you don not take care of yourself once in a while. There are things you can do top stay up on top of your game having the best time this summer and it's all pretty easy to do.

First and foremost..

Stay Hydrated

Some jokingly crack a beer and say to stay hydrated, but beer is the worst for doing that. Always keep a healthy amount of actual water around to quench your thirst. Sports drinks and sodas only go so far in hydration, so for safety sake, have water around.


Skin Care and Sunburns

Having proper sunscreen and applying it often will not only help with sunburns, but it will help in keeping your body tip top by not getting sunburns. Sitting in the sun too long without sunscreen will drain the body of energy and water as well as be very uncomfortable for the first 48 hours after the sun exposure occurs. Adding that up with drinking can spell disaster.


Eating/Having a Picnic

The old tale of beer being a "porkchop in can" may have worked for your grandpa, but it's important to have some snacks or a full-blown meal while partying on a hot summer day while drinking alcohol. Depending on how much drinking has happened, you might not need much to eat, but just a little something to soak up the alcohol and keep your body right.


Everyone should have fun this summer, just take care of yourself and don't collapse while doing it.

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