Would life comfortable in a rented storage unit?

In this current real-estate climate, I doesn't seem like a bad idea for you or anymore to shack up in that storage unit you have been renting, rubbing elbows with your outdated but expensive furniture. I'm sure you can make yourself at home with all your stuff and the only bad things are is that there are no windows and in most cases no power outlets.


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You've seen movies and TV shows where someone has some sort of secret layer at a storage unit and having a good time. In some cases, serial killers have had made residence in these types of places, but that's neither here nor there.

If it's a safe place for all of the stuff you don't want taking up space at your house, why can you just live there?

Are you legally allowed to live at your rented storage unit?

There is indeed a law on this particular subject.

According to Montana code 70-6-603, there are laws against living in a storage unit.

70-6-603. Self-storage use -- prohibition on residential or other unlawful purposes.

(1) An operator may not knowingly permit a leased space at a self-storage facility to be used for residential purposes.

(2) A renter may not use a leased space for residential or other unlawful purposes.

So, if you're currently reading this from your luxurious storage unit bungalow, maybe think about getting a real place or just lay extra low for awhile to avoid detection.

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