More changes are coming to Walmart stores.  Recently, Nick Northern did an article about how Walmart is closing stores across America.  Montana isn't on their list, yet.

According to The Sun, more changes are on the horizon.

Walmart Health Centers

Walmart plans to add 43 health centers in 2024.  The health centers will offer treatments like medical, dental, psychiatric/behavioral and eye care.

 No Single Use Plastic Bag Policy (This is NOT in MT)

While it hasn't hit Montana yet, shoppers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Vermont are already bringing their own reusable bags for shopping at Walmart.


The "Store Of The Future"

Last year in Ohio, Walmart debuted their vision of the "Store of the Future".

Walmart is doing remodels that will feature bathroom and bedroom displays like you'd find in a furniture store.

They also plan to place QR codes on products so customers can learn about items more easily.

Walmart says there are about a thousand Stores of the Future right now.

Drone Delivery And Text To Shop

Speaking of the future, Walmart is trying out drone delivery in 36 of it's stores.  Delivery is promised in about a half an hour.  No word on just what you can have delivered by drone.

Text to Shop sounds amazing to me. In your Walmart app you can just text a list of what you need or text to reorder favorites, and the app does the rest for you, and you just pick a time to go get your goods.


Security Measures

You may noticed that security has been amped up at all Walmart locations, including putting everyday items like deodorant behind lock and key.

Customers don't like the locking up of items as it can take a half an hour to find an employee to unlock something for you.  Customers have said it's worth the extra money to go to a store where it won't take 45 minutes to get deodorant and a phone charger.

However, when you see the rash of flash mob shoplifting that happens quite regularly, you can hardly blame a company for amplifying their security.

I guess we can only wait to see if any of these changes will be coming to our local Walmart stores.

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