What Restaurants Do Great Falls Residents Really Want To Return?

I love food. Well,  let me clarify that statement. I love a good meal with good friends.

Through the years that I've lived here in Great Falls, there have been some amazing restaurants that, for one reason or another, have closed their doors.

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Years After Closing People Still Miss These Restaurants

I recently posed a question on Facebook asking, "What Great Falls restaurant that is closed would you like to see come back?"

The response was tremendous, as we received well over 200 comments and suggestions on what people were nostalgic for.

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Who Didn't Make The List Of Most Wanted?

As we totaled up the comments and found out the top most wanted restaurants, there emerged three clear-cut favorites.

I was, however, surprised by some of the places that fell just short of enough votes, as a couple of them were some of my, and my friends, favorite places to eat.

Having not grown up here, the one restaurant I heard about the most that is no longer open is Dagwoods. I was surprised this place didn't make the list because it's been closed for years and people still mention it.

The next one to almost make our list was 5th Street Diner. I was very sad when this closed, as my wife and I loved to get lunch here. Their tuna melt was one of the best I ever had.

Also just missing out was Posh Taco, which was in the mall. Sadly, most of what was in the mall 20 years ago is no longer there, but Posh Taco might be the most missed of all.

Check out the gallery below as we highlight the top 10 (or 12) restaurants Great Falls residents want back the most.

10 Restaurants We Want Back The Most In Great Falls

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