If You Plan On Retiring In Montana Start Saving Now

Montana might not be the top destination for retirees like Arizona or Florida are, but there are plenty of people living here today that have no plans on leaving.

So when retirement age comes for you, do you know how much money it will take for you to have saved up in which you can live comfortably?

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As the youngest Baby Boomers and oldest Generation Xers are nearing retirement age, the thought of "do we have enough saved up to retire" will be on the top of their minds.

However, you should never wait until you're just about to retire to start saving money, because then there will never be enough time.

While retiring in Montana won't require you to save as much as you would in Hawaii, the most costly retirement state, it will require quite a bit of money.

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Montana Is The 33rd Most Expensive State To Retire In

The website GoBankingRates has put out a list of the amount of money you'll need to retire in every state in America.

As we mentioned earlier, Hawaii is the most expensive place to retire, as you'll need to save over 2 million dollars, while the cheapest state to retire in is West Virginia, where you'll only need to save just under $700,000.

Check out how much you'll need to retire in Montana, along with every other state, and how many years 1 million dollars will last you in the gallery below. 👇

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Go Banking Rates analyzed financial data to determine how much is necessary to retire across the nation, factoring in groceries, housing, transportation, healthcare costs, and more. Plus, what an additional $1 Million in savings would look like.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

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Want to retire somewhere else other than Montana?

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