Mention fast food to people and most people are going to think of McDonald's. They popularized the fast food restaurant and became a model of how to succeed as one across America.  In Montana the best fast food restaurant isn't your typical drive thru fare.

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Fast food is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. We all know it's not the best for you health wise, but that still doesn't stop us from eating it. It's almost like comfort food in a certain regard.

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The website FoodandWine set out to find the best fast food restaurants in each state, and Montana's is a bit surprising. Going through each state on the list you see most of them consist of burgers, chicken or sub shops, not so for Montana.

Jennifer Olson Photography via
Jennifer Olson Photography via

Here is what has to say about the best fast food restaurant in Montana.

There are a lot of things you might expect to find in a small city like Missoula, but a successful Mongolian barbecue chain with more than seventy locations, serving up customized stir-fries to order? Believe it — HuHot is a whole thing, and it’s great. Founded back in the 1990s by a local family that wasn’t quite satisfied with the pizza franchises they were running at the time, they knew they could do something more interesting, and they had this feeling that people would really be into it. They weren’t wrong.

That's right Montana's best fast food restaurant is Mongolian barbecue. Fans of the restaurant may remember their original name.

Started in 1999, when they went to franchise it they found the name "Mongos" was already trademarked, so they renamed it HuHot after Hohhot the capital of Inner Mongolia.

Isn't that just like Montana, to do something just a bit different than everyone else. It's what makes Montana truly the "Last Best Place."

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