Where Does The Montana Economy Rank?

With it being an election year, you are going to hear all about the economy over the next few months.

As far as the economy goes in Montana, it's good news as our state is near the top of the rankings across America.

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Why A Good Economy Matters In Montana

A good economy has many far reaching benefits even if it seems as if you aren't directly benefiting from the current economy.

While taxes are a dirty word to many folks, when there is a healthy economy states can tax the extra revenue and that lets the state be able to provide more help to it's citizens in the form of healthcare, education and other basic public services.

Another reason to be happy with Montana having such a good economy means more money in your pocket, which leads to you having more purchasing power, which allows Montana businesses to hire more help and invest more in our state.


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The Montana Economy Is Ranked In The Top 10 In America

According to US News and World Report Montana's economy is currently ranked at #6 for 2024.

We're also ranked a #7 for employment which should surprise no one as we've recently talked about how Montana has some of the lowest employment rates in America.

When it comes to growth Montana is also ranked #7 in that metric as well.

If there is any bad news to report it's that when it comes to business environment, which is where "inventors, entrepreneurs and out-of-the-box thinkers" flock to a location to create business opportunities, Montana ranks at #32.

Check out the gallery below to see what countries have had the most impact on Montana's economy.

These 10 Countries Contribute The Most To Montana's Economy

When it comes to Montana's economy these 10 counties are contributing the most money by imported goods from our state. Stats are courtesy of Global Edge.

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