Unless you are from the Big Sky Country, when someone mentions the state of Montana, most are probably thinking our national parks of Yellowstone or Glacier.  The rugged Rocky Mountains for a backdrop with the Mighty 'Mo just lazily rolling through a granite cut of Wolf Creek Canyon.  And while these are all very true and beautiful parts of our state, there is more than just a mountain landscape to take in.

Leading The Way in the US In Farming for Our Beers

Not only do we have the mountains, we also have those fields of gold across our state.  If you are part of the central area, you are familiar with the Golden Triangle around Great Falls.  Some of the best barley in the world is grown right in Montana and beer makers have taken notice.  We also love that those beer makers are giving us a cold one to tip back on a hot day.

The Rankings Show Just How Much Montana Loves A Cold One

According to the website Beer Info, Montana comes in at third place on the consumption list.  We aren't alone at that top either.  Our neighbor states North and South Dakota are also at the top, number 1 and 4 respectively.

But how much is that?

The site also states:

Overall U.S. beer consumption per adult aged 21 and over is around 28.2 gallons per person, per year. Breaking these numbers down further, the average adult over the age of 21 is consuming about 10 ounces of per day, or roughly one six pack per week.

In Montana, we are consuming on average about 41 gallons per person, per year.  The number one on the list, North Dakota, is up to 45.8 gallons per person.

How much beer are you drinking in any given year?  Have an idea?  Send us a message here to chat more!

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