Montana is gearing up for the 10th Annual Spartan Trifecta Race this weekend.  Locals and visitors from around the world travel to Big Fork to compete in one of the world's most famous Spartan Trifecta Race.  Competing in the Trifecta Race earns racers the qualification to compete in the upcoming 2023 Trifecta World Championship in Sparta Greece.

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There are many different types of Spartan Races for all ability levels.  Now I wouldn't sign myself up without training for this type of race in advance.  Yes, it is for the serious competitors but also people that generally live a fitness minded lifestyle.  There is also races geared for younger kids.  You can sign up as a solo competitor or enter as a team.

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This weekend is one of a select few venues that offer the Trifecta.  The Trifecta Race is done in a single weekend and includes the Sprint 5k, Super 10k, and the Beast 21k.  Along with all the obstacles competitors work their way thru to complete the race.  Successful participants earn a coveted Trifecta medal in addition to individual metals for each event.  The Trifecta metal is considered the Beast.

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The race is set on a wildlife preserve in Big Fork, Montana.  You can imagine the beauty of Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake while competing in one of the world's most competitive competitions.  Thousands of people are expected to stay in local hotels, dine at local restaurants, ultimately contributing over 1 million dollars to the local economy.

Interested in competing in this race?  Everything you need to know and even how to start training can be found here.

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