We all do it.  Daydream about having whatever it is that we dream about.  I generally don't dream about being filthy stinking rich, but sometimes there is something that catches my eye and I go down that rabbit hole and wonder what it would be like to live in luxury.

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I guess everyone's luxury is different.  In this case I am talking about a real luxury home.  Something that definitely makes a money statement.  Having a walk-in closet, the size of my bedroom would just blow my mind.  I would be in heaven, and I would be so organized.

So, this addition of the "what if game" is a monster of a house, here in Montana.  This house is ''Stonegate,'' inspired by the Prince of Wales in Waterton Lakes.  So, if you have money to burn, this home will set you back a cool $25 Million.  This incredible 8,209 square foot structure, along with companion dwellings, a 1320 square foot, two-bedroom guest house, the original homestead cabin, the boathouse, the horse barn, and two completely finished and heated shops all reside within 768 acres of this truly unique property.  But if you have silly money, then why not?

Canva Graphic By: Bejay Lindseth
Canva Graphic By: Bejay Lindseth

We are heading west of the Rockies to Kila, Montana.  Not that far from Kalispell where I grew up.  I actually spent some time on this lake, I learned how to water ski here.  This lake was so clear that you could see straight down to the bottom and see all the fallen trees that had sunk to the bottom.  This actually scared me because these trees looked a lot closer than they actually were.  I didn't want my feet bumping into one.  Needless to say, I didn't do much water skiing after that.  Ashley Lake.  Another beautiful place in Montana.

Montana Luxury $25 Million Dollar Home

Stonegate Features

8,209 square foot Master Home
4 Bedroom
3 Bath
Parking Garage

1,320 square foot Guest House
2 Bedroom
2 Bath

3 Car Garage
Spa/Hot tub
Built In- Vacuum
Wet Bar'
3 Fireplaces


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