St. Patrick's Day is a Holiday for Everyone. So, Celebrate but Celebrate Well. Here are some Traditional Irish Food Recipes That Will bring In Good Fortune.

Guiness Beef Stew

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Get the recipe here.

Irish Soda Bread

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Get the recipe here.

Corn Beef & Cabbage

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Get the recipe here.

Shepherd's Pie

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Get the recipe here.

Traditional Irish Coffee

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It's a classic.  Irish whiskey, heavy cream, and of course hot coffee.


You can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk.

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Top 10 St. Patty Day Quotes

10. May The Road Rise To Meet You, May The Wind Be Always At Your Back

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9. May Everything Turn Green Today, Except Your Gills. - Lester B. Dill

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8. When It Comes To Luck, You Make Your Own. - Bruce Springsteen

7. Here's To A Long Life And A Merry One.  A Quick Death And An Easy One. A Pretty Girl And An Honest One. A Cold Beer-And Another One!

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6. May Your Troubles Be Less. And You Blessings Be More. And Nothing But Happiness Be At Your Door.

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5. May You Live As Long As You Want But Never Want As Long As You Live.

4. May Your Pockets Be Heavy And Your Heart Be Light, May Good Luck Pursue You Each Morning And Night.

3. It's Not Easy Being Green. -Kermit The Frog

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2. May You Have The Hindsight To Know Where You've Been, The ForSight To Know Where You Are Going And The Insight To Know When You Have Gone Too Far.

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1. May you Be At The Gates Of Heaven A Half Hour Before The Devil Knows Your Dead.
However you celebrate this St. Patty's Day remember to celebrate responsible.


Great Falls St. Patty Day Parade Information & How to Sign Up Here!

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