Emerging Sport for Montana Youth Will Involve Yelling 'PULL!'

Anytime that I flip open my laptop, wiggle the mouse on my computer or even use my phone to catch up on social media, I am in immediate defense mode.  Honestly, that goes for any mode of being "online" anymore.


Getting "phished" by an online scam or text message is always just a click or swipe away in today's world.  So, when a particular social media post caught my eye, I immediately had doubts.  Turns out, I was wrong.  Way wrong.

The Montana State High School Clay Target League

In years past, if youth wanted to participate in an organized shooting sport, they would need to use channels like a local shooting group, or perhaps their local 4-H club.  That isn't the case any longer across Montana and America.

The Montana State High School Clay Target League is a 100% school approved team.  Meaning students play for and represent their school.

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Spring Sign-ups Are Happening Right Now in Montana

The Montana chapter is part of the overall USA Clay Target League and according to the website:

The USA Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The League is the independent provider of clay target shooting sports for secondary and postsecondary schools. The League’s priority are safety, fun, and marksmanship – in that order.

Spring sign-ups are now in full swing.  To find out how to sign up your child, or to become a coach, you can reach out to their social media, or at their website here.

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