Did Montana Make the Most Dangerous National Park List?

When you head outdoors into the Big Sky of Montana, you probably are aware of some of the dangers that you may encounter in the wild.  The scenarios are many that can happen.

It might involve a treacherous road to navigate to get to a special camping spot.  It could mean hiking the Great Wall in the Bob Marshall.  Or it even could mean running into one of the many dangerous animals that roam the lands.  But are we the most out there?

Danger Lurking Around Every Corner in Our National Parks

Depending on the location of the national park that you are visiting, danger really can lurk about and surprise you at any given moment.  There are even the few tourists that decide that petting buffalo and grizzly bears are the thing to do.

Apparently though, according to Popular Mechanics, Montana didn't rate in the most dangerous for national parks.  Well, kind of didn't make it.

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Doesn't This Park Hold Dual Citizenship in Both of These States?

Of the big ten, only one is part of Montana.  That should be an easy guess on your part, Yellowstone National Park.  But the article itself only lists Wyoming as the sole owner of Yellowstone.  Kind of a bummer for bragging rights in our state, right?

What do you think?  Is Glacier National Park being snubbed on this list over say something from California?  Let us know in our comments on our social media, with the easy appchat feature or you can email us here.

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