Planning on flying out of Great Falls for Thanksgiving?

Are you "that guy", the one who gets stuck in airport security because of your carry-on bag. Forget about fashionably late; you're the trendsetter in the art of delayed departures.  Something nobody wants to deal with on a busy Holiday weekend.

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As you watch your bag inch along the conveyor belt, you see the security agent's eyes widen in disbelief. Is it a rare artifact or a misunderstood avant-garde sculpture? No, it's your carefully packed suitcase of unique Montana made Christmas gifts you plan on giving to family.  Yes, unwrapped!

Canva Photo By: Digital Vision
Canva Photo By: Digital Vision

The X-ray machine seems to be having a breakdown, unsure how to process some bigfoot slippers and that bottle opener made from an antler. Meanwhile, the line behind you is growing faster than your regret on packing those Montana Turd Birds you bought for every cousin.

The security agent, scratches his head, then asks, "Sir, how many Turd Birds did you fit in your carryon?"   You notice the line behind you, and realize that everyone is staring at you, while everyone's items start piling up on the conveyer belt.  You know this flight will be uncomfortable.

As you finally make it through security, you can't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all.  Nobody even realized that you had a carryon bag full of one of Montana's most popular gifts from the 80's that are pretty much impossible to find. True Montana collectibles.  Hopefully the cousins appreciate the value in those Turd Birds.

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