Back in the late 1900's, (see what I did there?) the United States Government deicided that we should have some new coins to grace our pockets with.  Each state was to be represented with a specialty coin featuring images, symbols, and words from each of the states in America.  Many of us with children at the time scurried to find all of those as they were released to add into a board featuring all the states.

It Only Took 23 Years, But I Think We Are Finally Finished

Seriously, it has taken my son and myself 23 years to finally complete this board of state quarters.  It's been a fun endeavor, plus we have been able to include my grandson in on the fun.

If you collected them like we did, you might have a few extras still in the coin jug.  You may want to check through them to see if you might just have the $10,000 quarter in your possession.

Starting In 1999, You Could Collect Each State as They Were Released

Minting errors, while they happen, aren't all that common.  Hence, when they do happen, it creates a firestorm of action by collectors wanting to get their hands on it.  It's now been revealed that one of those state quarters has an error, and it's driving the price skyrocketing up.  The Georgia state quarter features a unique plating, known as planchet.  It offers up a gold tint to the coin, such as the Sacajawea dollar coin.  According to the US Coins Guide website, these quarters are worth near $10,000 because of this flaw.

Have you ever seen one?  Do you have one?  Take a picture and tell us the story about your coin here.

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