Get your cameras ready; ArtsFest MONTANA is set to take over Downtown Great Falls from August 11th to 18th.

Organized by the Great Falls Business Improvement District, the fifth annual festival promises a captivating blend of art and community, showcasing new murals and highlighting indigenous voices. 

Curator Cameron Moberg, a key figure for six years, has orchestrated nine mesmerizing murals, attracting local and global artists.

Returning favorites like Camer1sf and Fasm join newcomers Rilie Tane, La Morena, and others in transforming the city's canvas.

This year's ArtsFest MONTANA champions indigenous representation, supported by Sister's United.

Artists Louis Still Smoking and La Morena will infuse their heritage into the festival, enriching the cultural tapestry.

Artists will begin outlining their murals on Friday, August 11th, at various locations in downtown Great Falls.

While the specific locations for the new murals have yet to be announced, they will be easy to find.

A live art demonstration during the Downtown Summer Jam concert on August 16th adds interactive flair, allowing attendees to bid on concert-inspired creations.

If you have the time, plan to check out the murals over several days, so you can fully observe the development of the art.

An Artist Reception on 5th Street South, featuring live painting sessions and an auction, further connects visitors with the artists.

Concurrently, the Montana Multicultural Fair enhances the cultural experience.

For mural locations, visit

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for their event updates.

ArtsFest MONTANA 2023 promises an immersive celebration of art, culture, and community, transforming Downtown Great Falls into a vibrant hub of creativity.

ArtsFest MONTANA 2022 Murals

ArtsFest MONTANA 2022 Murals in Downtown Great Falls

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