Are Trees Randomly Disappearing from Yards in Great Falls?

For me personally, I love Great Falls for many things.  One of the main reasons is our trees.  Yes, trees.  Driving in some areas of our city brings on that feeling of small-town America with a canopy of trees lining your street as you drive down it.


Pine trees, Dutch Elm and Ash are plentiful.  In recent years however, disease has riddled some of them, requiring removal of many of them from parks and boulevards across Great Falls.  You may have noticed those that are marked with an orange x have been taken down.

Boulevards Versus Personal Property in Great Falls

If you aren't familiar with some of the city codes in regard to trees, those that reside on your property are yours to care for and maintain.  Those that reside on the boulevard, or the area from your sidewalk to the curb of the street, the city's Park and Recreation Department manage.


Technically, though there are exceptions, the city won't remove a tree from your property, but they do have authority to remove a boulevard tree.  But in a recent post from a concerned citizen on the web, that might not be happening.

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Have You Had This Happen on Your Property in Great Falls?

On the social interactive site Nextdoor, a citizen alleged that there was a tree service that was removing trees from their property without consent.  No marks on trees, no notification, simply showing up, parking and removing a tree.  Even leaving the pieces and stump for the homeowner.


Has this happened to you recently?  Were you notified that trees on your property would need to be removed?  Let us know in our comments, using your app chat feature or you can email us here.

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